Kentucky Facts and Trivia



- Chevrolet Corvettes are manufactured in Bowling Green. 


- Shelby County is recognized as the Saddlebred Capital of Kentucky.


- Cheeseburgers were first served in 1934 at Kaolin's restaurant in Louisville.


- Fleming County is recognized as the Covered Bridge Capital of Kentucky. 

- More than 100 native Kentuckians have been elected governors of other states. 


- In 1888, "Honest Dick" Tate the state treasurer embezzled $247,000 and fled the state.


- Begun in 1819 the first commercial oil well was on the Cumberland River in McCreary County. 


- The Bluegrass Country around Lexington is home to some of the world's finest racehorses. 


- The swimsuit Mark Spitz wore in the 1972 Olympic games was manufactured in Paris, Kentucky.  


- The first town in the United States to be named for the first president was Washington. It was named in 1780. 


- The first Miss America from Kentucky is Heather Renee French. She was crowned September 18, 1999.


- The song "Happy Birthday to You" was the creation of two Louisville sisters in 1893.


- Pikeville annually leads the nation in per capita consumption of Pepsi-Cola.


-  The first American performance of a Beethoven symphony was in Lexington in 1817. 


- The great Man o' War won all of his horse races except one which he lost to a horse named Upset. 


- Kentucky was the 15th state to join the Union and the first on the western frontier.


- The first enamel bathtub was made in Louisville in 1856. 


- Post-It Notes are manufactured exclusively in Cynthiana. The exact number made annually of these popular notes is a trade secret. 


- The world's largest free-swinging bell known as the World Peace Bell is on permanent display in Newport.


- Middlesboro is the only city in the United States built within a meteor crater.


- High Bridge located near Nicholasville is the highest railroad bridge over navigable water in the United States.


- In the War of 1812 more than half of all Americans killed in action were Kentuckians. 


- Frederick Vinson who was born in Louisa is the only Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court known to be born in jail.

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