Minnesota Facts and Trivia


- The Guthrie Theater is the largest regional playhouse in the country. 


- Madison is the "Lutefisk capital of the United States".


- The stapler was invented in Spring Valley. 

- Tonka Trucks were developed and are continued to be manufactured in Minnetonka.


- In 1919 a Minneapolis factory turned out the nations first armored cars.


- There are 201 Mud Lakes, 154 Long Lakes, and 123 Rice Lakes commonly named in Minnesota. 


- Minnesota has one recreational boat per every six people, more than any other state.


- The first Intercollegiate Basketball game was played in Minnesota on February 9,1895. 


- The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the largest urban sculpture garden in the country. 


- Bloomington and Minneapolis are the two farthest north latitude cities to ever host a World Series game.


- The Hull-Rust mine in Hibbing became the largest open-pit mine in the world. 


- Author Laura Ingalls Wilder lived on Plum Creek near Walnut Grove.


- Polaris Industries of Roseau invented the snowmobile. 


- Twin Cities-based Northwest Airlines was the first major airline to ban smoking on international flights.


- Alexander Anderson of Red Wing discovered the processes to puff wheat and rice giving us the indispensable rice cakes. 


- The first official hit in the Metrodome in Minneapolis was made by Pete Rose playing for the Cincinnati Reds in a preseason game.



Minnesota Insurance

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As all states, Minnesota has certain minimum insurance requirements.
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