North Carolina Facts and Trivia


- Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in Fayetteville on March 7, 1914. 

- High Point is known as the Furniture Capital of the World. 


- Cape Hatteras is the largest lighthouse ever to be moved due to erosion problems. 


- Charles Karault was born and raised in Wilmington.


- Harker's Island hosts the annual Core Sound Decoy Festival in December.


- Krispy Kreme Doughnut was founded in Winston-Salem.  


- The Venus Fly-Trap is native to Hampstead.  


- The first miniature golf course was built in Fayetteville. 


- Babe Ruth hit his first home run in Fayetteville on March 7, 1914.


- The first state owned art museum in the country is located in Raleigh. 


- Pepsi was invented and first served in New Bern in 1898. 


- Beech Mountain is Eastern America's highest town at 5,506ft above sea level.


- North Carolina leads the nation in furniture, tobacco, brick, and textile production. 


- The town of Wendell town was named for the American writer, Oliver Wendell Holmes.  


- North Carolina was the first state in the nation to establish a state museum of art. 


- The oldest town in the state is Bath, incorporated in 1705.  


North Carolina has 1,500 lakes of 10 acres or more in size and 37,000 miles of fresh water streams.


- Hiram Rhoades Revels, born in Fayetteville in 1822, was the first African-American member of the United States Congress.


- Fontana Dam is the tallest dam in the Eastern United States, at 480 feet high. 


- Winston-Salem was created when the two towns Winston and Salem combined.


- The first English child born in America was born in Roanoke in 1587. Her name was Virginia Dare. 


- James K. Polk, born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, was the eleventh President of the United States.


- Mount Mitchell in the Blue Ridge Mountains is the highest peak east of the Mississippi. It towers 6,684 feet above sea level.


- Morehead City is home to the North Carolina Seafood Festival, held the first weekend in October every year. 


- Havelock is home of Marine Base "Cherry Point." It is the largest air base in the Marine Corps.


- Whitewater Falls in Transylvania County is the highest waterfall in the eastern United States. 


- The Outer Banks of NC hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.


- The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is the oldest State University in the United States.  

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