North Dakota Facts and Trivia


- North Dakota passed a bill in 1987 making English the official state language.


- Dakota Gasification Company in Beulah is the nation's only synthetic natural gas producer. 

- Bottineau is the southwestern gateway to the Turtle Mountains, Lake Metigoshe and the International Peace Garden. 


- North Dakota grows more sunflowers than any other state. 


- Chartered in 1884 Jamestown College is the oldest independent college in the state. 


- Ellendale's oldest attraction is the Opera House. Built in 1909 it has a seating capacity for 1000 patrons. 


- Killdeer Mountain Roundup Rodeo is the home of North Dakota's oldest PRCA rodeo. 

- Fort Union Trading Post was the principal fur-trading depot in the Upper Missouri River region from 1829 to 1867.


- The Lewis and Clark expedition encountered their first grizzly (brown) bears in North Dakota. 


- Kenmare is the Goose Capital of North Dakota. Kenmare is the hunting haven of the north with an annual snow goose count being over 400,000 birds. 


- The World's Largest Buffalo monument is located at Frontier Village in Jamestown. The structure is 26 feet high, 46 feet long, and weighs 60 ton. 


- The Lone Tree Wildlife Management Area located southwest of Harvey consists of 33,000 acres of gently rolling hills bordering the Sheyenne River.


- Westhope located on U.S. Highway 83 is a Port-of-Entry into Canada. Each year more than 72,000 vehicles cross the border at this point.

North Dakota Insurance

North Dakota Auto Insurance (ND)

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A No-Fault system is used in North Dakota. This means your insurance carrier, will make payments for your injury claims, and it does not matter who is at fault, up to a certain limit.
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State law in North Dakota requires a minimum of Bodily Injury Liability coverage of $25,000 per injured person up to a total of $50,000 per accident, and Property Damage Liability of at least $25,000. This basic coverage is frequently abbreviated as or referred to as 25/50/25 coverage.


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North Dakota state law calls for at least a minimum Personal Injury Protection coverage of $30,000.
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