Tennessee Facts and Trivia


- Tennessee has more than 3,800 documented caves.


- When Tennessee became a state in 1796, the total population was 77,000. 


- There were more National Guard soldiers deployed from the state for the Gulf War effort than any other state.


- Bristol is known as the Birthplace of Country Music.


- The Alex Haley boyhood home in Henning is the first state-owned historic site devoted to African Americans in Tennessee. 


- There are more horses per capita in Shelby County than any other county in the United States.


- The city of Murfreesboro lies in the exact geographical center of the state. 


- Hattie Caraway (1878-1950) born in Bakersville became the first woman United States Senator. 


- Conifer forests similar to those in Canada are found in the higher elevations of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


- Knoxville was home to the 1982 World's Fair. Attendance was recorded at 11,127,786 visitors. 


- Robert R. Church, Sr. of Memphis is purported to be the South's first African-American millionaire. 


- The nation's oldest African-American architectural firm, McKissack and McKissack, is located in Nashville. 


- The nation's oldest African-American financial institution, Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company, is located in Nashville.  


- Tennessee was the last state to secede from the Union during the Civil War and the first state to be readmitted after the war.


- Elvis Presley's home called Graceland is located in Memphis. Graceland is the second most visited house in the country. 


- A replica of The Parthenon, the famous ancient Greek building in Athens, Greece, stands in Nashville's Centennial Park.


- The "Guinness Book of World Records" lists the Lost Sea in Sweetwater as the largest underground lake in the United States. 


- The capitol building was designed by noted architect William Strickland, who died during its construction and is buried within its walls. 


- Tennessee ranks number one among other states in the total number of soldiers who fought in the War Between the States. 


- Tennessee ties with Missouri as the most neighborly state in the union. It is bordered by 8 states. 


- Reputed "Turtle Capital of the World," Reelfoot Lake also features thousands of sliders, stinkpots, mud and map turtles. 

Tennessee Insurance

Tennessee Auto Insurance (TN)

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