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AIG ad "Cafeteria" by Chris Smith of SMUGGLER.

Get Life Insurance with AIG.

Allstate - Marina Towers 60-second Spot

Allstate and Leo Burnett USA have recently launched ...

Car Drifting Techniques

Constant driving and unique techniques are the basic techniques that driver must have in car drifting.

FUNNY car insurance commercial video

Insurance for Women only

FUNNY insurance commercial car crash

New Car Replacement

Funny state farm insurance commercial

Insurance for Women

Geico Car Insurance Squirrel Commercial


Insurance Commercial - So FUNNY

Acceptance Car Insurance

LV Car Insurance Advert

The full soundtrack to the LV= TV Commercial is now ...

LV= Advert 2008

New LV= Car Insurance Advert launched in March 2008....

State Farm Commercial

State Farm Commercial

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